Abner Coimbre

Abner Coimbre, 27, is a compiler engineer for Jonathan Blow (Thekla Inc.), creators of Braid, The Witness, and the Jai programming language.

Abner spent his early 20’s at Kennedy, helping upgrade their launch control system to handle modern rocket configurations. He became Kennedy Intern of the Year in 2015, named to Kennedy’s 2016 Top 10 Innovators, and wrote about their programming philosophy here.

Abner organized Handmade Network, an online community that creates software projects inspired by Handmade Hero. More recently he started Handmade Seattle LLC, an organization that runs low-level programming conferences.

In his free time Abner relishes books, lately as a student of Douglas Hofstadter, Steven Pinker, Jonathan Haidt, and neuroscience. He’s happily engaged to one Seattle native and machine learning engineer; they own a young black cat with white socks.

Abner was born and raised in Puerto Rico.